Aircraft and Safety

Our Aircraft:
When Wright Flight was founded, the scheduling of each Fly Day was contingent upon a pool of volunteer pilots who owned planes, specifically single-engine light aircraft. This precluded many competent pilots, who may not own such an aircraft, from flying for the program. To solve this issue and ensure each graduate received their flight, Wright Flight purchased its first airplane in 1998. Currently, Wright Flight owns, operates, and maintains five Cessna 172’s.


Wright Flight still welcomes and needs pilots who would like to fly their own airplane as 10 or more pilots may be needed each Fly Day to safely fly all the children in a timely manner. If you are interested in flying for Wright Flight, please contact us.

Safety Record:
Safety has always been the number one concern for the program. Since being founded in 1986, there has never been an incident at a Wright Flight Graduation Fly Day. Not a single aircraft has been involved in an accident. Not one student, teacher, parent, volunteer or pilot has been injured.


While all the pilots are volunteers, they are all personally screened by either Robin Stoddard or one of the Wright Flight pilot leaders. The standards held for a Wright Flight volunteer pilot exceed those required by the FAA for a private pilot certificate. Thus, we help ensure that all pilots flying are more than competent in the aircraft that they fly. Most of the pilots are either current or retired commercial or military pilots.

Lastly, another reason Wright Flight maintains a perfect safety record because we do not fly in poor weather. Dozens of Fly Days have been postponed over the years due to weather. As disappointing as it may seem at the time, the experience of flying is ultimately more enjoyable for everyone in good weather.