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Fly Day is the “Graduation” event for students who successfully complete all requirements of the History or Voyager program in which they are enrolled. When a student successfully completes the History or Voyager aviation course taught in their school, passes final exam with the required score AND meets their personal goal, they have “graduated” from Wright Flight. Each school is given a Saturday or week day afternoon (typically Friday) during the school year when their graduates meet at Wright Flight Hangar at Tucson International Airport or Marana Regional Airport and FLY!

What to expect on fLy Days

Each student will be notified of their Fly Day date, check-in time and location by their teacher 1-2 weeks prior. Fly Days may take place at one of two Tucson-area airports.  Students are asked to arrive at Fly Day in small groups, at an assigned time.  Please plan to arrive at the airport no earlier than 10-15 minutes before this time. After checking in, students will have photos taken, then be assigned to a volunteer pilot and escorted out to a small plane. The flight is approximately 30 minutes per student (many times we have 2 students in the plane, switching seats half way through, for a total flight time of about an hour), with each student being able to handle the controls for 15-20 minutes.  Upon landing, students are awarded a t-shirt, photo with their pilot, and certificate of achievement.   Plan to be at the airport about 3 hours.  **Some of these established procedures may change to allow for social distancing and sanitizing high-touch areas.**

Safety is always our utmost priority, therefore, it is possible that the Fly Day will need to be rescheduled due to weather or other factors.  We always endeavor to give as much warning as possible. Communication regarding postponed/rescheduled fly days may be found on our website and through your child’s teacher.

Things to Consider


The Fly Days are held at the Wright Flight Hangar at 2000 E. Airport Drive, Tucson, AZ 85756 or at the Marana Regional Airport at 11700 W Avra Valley Rd, Marana, AZ 85653.

Your teacher will instruct you when to arrive at the Terminal.

No, for insurance reasons, only the students can fly. Additionally, the right to fly has to be earned!

Donated funds are used to maintain aircraft, provide scholarships to students in need, print curriculum materials, provide student t-shirts and graduation photos and pay for Fly Day aircraft fuel.

Yes, in fact we encourage you to bring a camera. The pilot can take pictures of you while you fly. Also, you can bring any electronic device that can be used as a camera, including a cell phone or tablet, for the purpose of taking pictures.

Students fly in approximately check-in order.  Please contact your child’s teacher well in advance regarding assignment to an early check-in time and our Fly Day volunteers will make an accommodation if possible.

We recommend that you eat a very small breakfast before coming out to the airport but avoid foods that tend to make you queasy during any type of travel. You may have to wait for some time before you fly so we don’t want you to go hungry. But eating a lot of food before you fly including carbonated beverages may make you more susceptible to air-sickness. Also, you will get refreshments AFTER you fly.

They take place at the Executive Terminal at Tucson International Airport or Marana Regional Airport depending on the location of participating schools and other factors

No, students must be signed up through their schools. 

Possibly. Often two students will fly in the airplane at a time. To better your chances of being paired, sign in together. We cannot always accommodate such requests and student/aircraft/pilot assignments are at they discretion of the Fly Day Flight Dispatcher.

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