What we do

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to “helping kids reach new heights” in both their classrooms and their lives. Wright Flight is a motivational program that teaches today’s youth how to set goals and achieve them. Since its inception in 1986, over 20,000 students have graduated from the program. What motivated them? The chance to fly!

The Wright Flight program teaches that with hard-work, diligence, and focus no goal is out of reach — not even becoming a pilot. Passing the program is not easy as each student must sign a contract and achieve an academic or personal goal while simultaneously completing the Wright Flight curriculum and passing a final test. Only students who work hard enough graduate and only they earn the right to fly.

The program culminates with a “flight experience” depending upon which Wright Flight program the student has completed. At the Fly Days, each graduate gets the chance to fly an airplane. They do not just get a ride, they will take the controls as they soar through the sky.

After the flight, each student gets a picture of themselves and the pilot in front of the airplane, as well as a Wright Flight T-shirt.


Robin Stoddard

Executive Director
Since receiving his first pilot’s license in 1977, Robin has eagerly spent as much time in a cockpit as possible, whether flying general aviation aircraft or military jets. His love for all things aviation has been passed on through his work with Wright Flight. With every graduating class, he has introduced the thrill of flight to the students, their parents and teachers, as well as keeping the spark alive in the volunteers.

Matt McLynn

Director of Flight Operations
Matt is responsible for ensuring the aircraft, both Wright Flight and volunteer pilot owned, are properly maintained and current with FAA safety guidelines. He also oversees all pilot currency, insurance and safety records.