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The foundations for a successful life begin in childhood. Unfortunately, many Arizona students do not have the benefit of positive mentors and experiences to guide them through life’s inevitable challenges.

Wright Flight, Inc., named after the Wright Brothers, is a unique program that began in Tucson in 1986. Wright Flight was founded by Robin Stoddard, who at the time was an Air Force Fighter pilot. Wright Flight partners with teachers and schools (public, private, charter, and home) to give children the opportunity to set and achieve goals to earn the right to fly an airplane. Wright Flight helps children gain essential life skills for overcoming adversity and achieving goals.

Wright Flight addresses the problems of low student achievement scores, school discipline, school drop-outs and substance abuse by leveraging the compelling, motivational and inspirational aspects of the history of aviation and aerospace. It introduces Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers to students as young as eleven years old. The outcomes for program graduates include better grades, better attitudes at school and home, increased self-confidence and a success mentality.

Breaking News

Fly Day Weekend Weather Alert!

updated 12/7/2018:
Fly Day activities for Saturday, 12/8 are confirmed to be a GO.  Thank you all for your patience, and we will see you in the morning!


Attention all student flyers from Fruchtendler Elementary School. There is a 70% chance of rain forecasted for Friday, 12/7 so Fly Day for Friday afternoon is canceled. The chance of rain is expected to diminish for Saturday, 12/8 so that we can proceed with a Fly Day start at 7:30 am.

Our pilot team is actively monitoring the weather situation, however, to determine if there is any impact to Fly Day on 12/8.scheduled. A final determination on Fly Day status (delayed check-in times, cancellation, etc.) will be made no later than noon on Friday, 12/7.

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There are several ways you can help make a difference and change a student’s future. A financial contribution, one time or ongoing, ensures Wright Flight continues for generations to come. Volunteering your time provides Wright Flight with the human capital to run the program.